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Make no mistake about it: poor sex can be the ruination of even the strongest relationships. When our relationships lack the sexual vigour we desire, it can cause a cascade of problems that can bring down the whole relationship. For that reason, men who struggle to produce high semen volume can find that their sexual intercourse does not quite meet expectations. This results in looking for solutions.
One solution that is increasingly popular today is Semenax. Dealing with poor-quality sperm function can be a major cause of self-doubt and uncertainty in the minds of men. Do you often feel like:

• Your sexual experiences lack the energy you want?
• You lack libido and find it hard to enjoy sexual experiences?
• Your ejaculations lack the potency and power you are hoping for?
• Sex does not quite live up to the expectations you had in your mind?

If you face any of these issues, Semenax could be your potential solution! 

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Made In The USA

Our Semenax is proudly formulated in the United States of America.


GMP Certified

Good Manufacturing Practice certified ensure pharmaceutical grade quality.


100% Natural

We are proud to say that Semenax capsules are All Natural, Non-GMO and Gluten-Free.



I have been taking this product for years and highly recommend. You will notice increased volume and better experiences in the bedroom. It will take at least a month to notice a difference, but you will notice a difference. If you purchase, highly recommend you get the multiple month supply to lower the over cost. Once you start taking this and experiencing the results, you will take for life! 

Gary G.

Gary G.

Extremely effective, provided one maintains their hydration. I only had to take half the recommended dosage to see a notable difference, but when I tried the 4-a-day dosage, I noticed intense discomfort as my sack was literally being stretched by the production spike. Seriously, drink lots of water, guys. If for no other reason than to nut properly. 



I have been buying and using this product for over 10+ years. What does that tell you?
Loads are bigger. When I orgasm it lasts for about 5+ minutes. Feels like I've left the planet and am soaring into the dark black sky. Great for your 'cardiovascular workout' (you'll feel your heart drumming very soundly; right after the happy ending). Highly recommend this supplement. It used to very difficult to obtain (Directly from Elizabethtown, Tennessee only; now they have a shipping hub in Reno, Nevada). All of my orders are confirmed, packed, shipped, and tracked with precision.



I have used one full bottle so far, I have noticed some increase in the amount of Semen but not a great amount. But it definitely makes my climax a great deal more enjoyable. That makes it worth buying. One other note is that I am a Diabetic and have lower back Spinal Stenosis these two factors interfere with my sensitivity and feeling to climax. What the Semenax has done was to increase my sensitivity and feeling when I climax and extends the euphoria of my climax. I know everyone is different and can have a different experience with supplements but in my opinion it’s worthwhile to try it. It sure was worth it for me. 

What is Semenax

Semenax is an herbal supplement that Leading Edge Health created. It has been on the market for several years. When you read into Semenax, the claims are pretty stark. It claims to be able to improve the quality of semen production, as well as the quantity, as well as make your sexual experiences more gratifying. Semenax also claims to offer more prolonged enjoyment from your orgasms.

One of the main benefits of Semenax is that it consists entirely of natural ingredients. As an herbal supplement, nothing is included in Semenax that is synthetic. The combination of important nutrients could help provide nutrition to male reproductive organs. At the same time, the right intake of vitamins and nutrients can improve the standard of blood flow going to the penis, which helps orgasms.

Can Semenax cure issues such as ejaculation distance? It depends on the individual. The underlying causes of semen volume and quality of ejaculation can be related to health issues outside of the remit of Semenax. For example, health issues such as diabetes or medical side effects from other treatments could impact semen production and ejaculation quality.

For men who find that they have low-quality semen volume, distance, or orgasm quality, though, it could be down to lifestyle choices. For example, a lack of nutrient intake could play a role; in that case, Semenax could be useful in overcoming this issue. As ever, though, it is recommended that you speak with a medical professional before you start taking Semenax to ascertain how beneficial it might be.  

How Does Semenax Work?

• Semenax claims to do its work by providing the male body with the vitamins needed for improved ejaculation. At the same time, it also purports to increase sperm volume.

• The combination of natural ingredients within Semenax is believed to be the essential ingredients needed to help boost natural sperm production.

• By taking the herbal supplements provided by Semenax, males are supposed to see an increase in sperm production, volume, distance, and quality and enjoy enhanced ejaculation.

• By providing essential nutrients to the body, Semenax claims to support the three critical organs in the body for reproduction: the prostate gland, bulbourethral gland, and seminal vesicle.

• The seminal vesicle contributes close to three-quarters of your semen volume capacity. Therefore, if these glands are strong, you will likely enjoy stronger orgasms.

• By increasing fluid production from the prostate and bulbourethral gland, males can produce stronger, thicker, and stickier semen. It also increases the force of release.

• On top of that, the ingredients included in Semenax are supposed to help boost male libido and testosterone, which is often linked to sexual performance.

• The claims suggest that Semenax can provide increased sperm volume in a timeframe as small as two weeks. Naturally, though, every individual will see differing results.

• By taking this supplement, the manufacturers of Semenax state that you should see enhanced sexual performance, increased sperm volume, and improved orgasm quality.  

Effectiveness and Benefits

The main challenge with products like Semenax is determining how beneficial the effect is for you individually. The ingredients within Semenax, though, are often regarded as highly beneficial. Research in the past has shown that some of the key ingredients in Semenax can be beneficial to solving issues with ejaculation and semen production. As noted:

One study from 2015 showed that maca, a key ingredient within Semenax, could play a role in boosting male fertility.

• In 2018, a study was conducted to determine the benefits of zinc supplements on testosterone levels. The results were positive.

• Also, a study in 2021 found that one key ingredient in Semenax, L-arginine, could prove effective in treating erectile dysfunction.

• Pumpkin seeds are a high-quality source of zinc. Zinc is also believed to be a key resource in helping to maintain a healthy prostate. Zinc is found in Semenax, which is another positive.

• The commonly used Chinese herb sarsaparilla has also been linked to improved sexual libido in men.

• Another ingredient found within Semenax, Hawthorne, is also rich in antioxidants and in aiding cardiovascular health. Semenax claims this can improve the hardness of erections.

As noted above, though, Semenax is not a catch-all solution. It cannot, for example, cure other ailments causing reduced sexual performance. For example, an individual suffering from sexual issues due to Diabetes will not see the problem corrected by taking Semenax. The same goes for individuals facing issues in the bedroom due to side effects from other medicines they might be taking.

For those suffering from low-quality orgasms and semen production due to a lack of vitamin intake and blood flow, though, Semenax could provide a remedy. User reviews of Semenax are positive, too, with the Trustpilot rating at the time of writing sitting at a highly respectable 4.1/5. So, the product tends to score well with individuals using Semenax for the right reasons.  

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Day Money-Back Guarantee
67-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Semenax offers a great guarantee that should provide much-needed peace of mind. So long as you can return two empty containers of Semenax, you can receive a full refund. This must be completed within 67-days, so make sure you do not wait until the last day to submit your RMA! 

Semenax Ingredients

Within Semenax are various ingredients, all herbal extracts from multiple sources. As noted above in the linked studies, several of these ingredients have been actively linked with improving issues such as erectile dysfunction.

Semenax offers a concoction of various natural ingredients shown via studies to have the potential to assist with problems downstairs. They include:

• L-Arginine
• L-Lysine
• L-Carnitine
• Vitamin E
• Hawthorne
• Muira Puama
• Epimedium Sagittatum
• Zinc
• Pumpkin Seed
• Maca
• Catuaba Bark
• Butea Superba
• Swedish Flower Pollen
• Pink Bark Extract
• Cranberry Extract
• Avene Sativa Extract
• Wild Oat Straw  

What Are The Most Important Ingredients In Semenax?

• The most crucial ingredient found within Semenax is likely to be L-Arginine HCL. This is an amino acid, and amino acids are essential for protein production.

• Since protein is a significant ingredient in creating powerful and potent semen, L-arginine could be crucial to semen quality. L-arginine is made in our bodies but declines with age.

• Another critical addition to Semenax is the presence of Maca. This powerful root has been used in the Andes Mountains communities for centuries. It is a potent source of protein.

• On top of that, Maca also provides a valuable intake of zinc and iron to the body. This is why maca root is commonly found in products that improve sexual performance.

• The presence of zinc via pumpkin seeds, zinc oxide, and zinc aspartate is something our bodies cannot produce alone. Zinc is believed to be ‘essential’ to semen quantity.

Vitamin E is also included as part of Semenax. This is a critical micronutrient that helps to protect our bodies from long-term oxidative stress.

Can all of these ingredients be linked to solving the issues you face? Arguably not. However, there is a list of useful ingredients within there that directly relates to reducing the potential causes of low sexual satisfaction, low semen production, and reduced orgasm quality.

Again, it comes down to the individual. Not every person will have a vitamin or nutritional-based semen deficiency. It could be caused by issues outside what Semenax can offer. For those with a lifestyle-based problem with their sexual enjoyment, though, Semenax might be able to provide a solution.  

Scientific Evidence and Studies

The Manufacturer claims that Semenax increases semen volume, but no scientific studies have been carried out on Semenax. However, there have been scientific studies carried out on the ingredients in Semenax, so science has already shown that products like Semenax can have a positive impact on a male’s sexual health.

When it comes to increase volume, the main ingredient in Semenax is Maca Root. One study found that when a man took Maca Root on a daily basis for 3 months, his semen was boosted.

In fact, it wasn’t just his semen that got a boost. There was also a noticeable benefit to sperm production and sperm mortality rates. Basically, Maca Root helped men become more fertile.

The other ingredients in the product (and there are many natural ingredients there) have also been scientifically proven to have an impact on male health. Take Muira Puama, for instance. One study showed that it has a provable impact on the libido.

Safety and Side Effects

When reviewing products such as Semenax, it is only natural that you have concerns about side effects. For example, previous studies have found that ‘herbal supplements’ can often include chemical add-ons not included on the label. With Semenax, do you have anything to worry about with this?

We are happy to report that Semenax does not appear to have any side effects associated with it. There are no reported issues with taking Semenax. However, it is important to note that not every ingredient within Semenax is 100% guaranteed to agree with your body. As such, speaking to a medical professional before taking Semenax is highly recommended.

However, it is important to note that the Semenax manufacturers meet all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements and all Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) standards. The company states they can also provide analysis certification on each product it creates.  

Combining with Other Medications

When combining medication, you should be very careful about what you take. Mixing medication even with herbal supplements can create inefficiency in the medicine or the supplement.

It would be best to always speak with a medical professional as they might notice a potential conflict with your medication. Medication can interact negatively with supplements, reducing the impact or creating possible side effects. This is especially true when discussing medication such as blood thinners.

So, while no information appears available that Semenax could come with potential side effects, do not commit to a dosage without speaking with a health professional. You must take this warning seriously: only a health professional can tell you if you, in your current condition, can safely take Semenax or not.  

Usage and Dosage

When you buy Semenax, you are expected to take these herbal supplements daily. Provided in a pill form, you take four Semenax capsules per day. This is typically done by taking two Semenax capsules in the morning and two at night. This is the typical dosage taken by individuals who have provided insight into their patterns with Semenax.

Why do you take Semenax in this way? It allows for the body to get a consistent intake of the nutrients and vitamins within Semenax. Again, though, you should look to arrange an appointment with your appointed medical professional to speak about dosages. Also, please note that you should take Semenax with food.

While the length of your dosage will vary depending on how long you buy Semenax, you should stick to the above dosages. Some reviews suggest that the individual has seen results within a matter of days; others have stated they had to take Semenax for 3+ months before seeing meaningful results.  

Semenax Supplement Refund Policy

As noted in the official policy, Semenax provides a 100% refund policy. If you are not happy with the product, you have a 67-day window to take the supplement. If in those 67 days, you do not see the difference promised, Semenax provides a guaranteed 100% refund.

What if you bought a long-term supply and changed your mind, though? Semenax states that it will take any unopened containers back. So long as you return two empty containers (and any unopened containers), you can receive your money-back guarantee. Semenax, though, requires the two empty containers to show you actually did try the supplement out.

This is a very fair policy, though it is important to note that your 67-day window includes returning your shipment to the Leading Edge Health warehouses. Therefore, do not wait until day 66 to start the returns process if you decide to renege on Semenax. Also, please note that according to the Semenax website you will be responsible for handling the shipping charges for returns.  

Semenax Pricing

The pricing of Semenax varies depending on where you buy it from. However, if you choose to buy Semenax through the official website, the pricing works out as follows:

One Month Supply - $59.95
Three-Month Supply - $154.95
Six-Month Supply - $289.95
One-Year Supply - $399.95

This also includes free US shipping, which is very fair.

However, those buying outside of the USA will likely need a shipping fee. While the initial cost can seem steep, the long-term discount deals, if you continue using Semenax, are very fair.

So, too, is the returns policy noted above: you have ample time to determine whether or not you are seeing meaningful results using Semenax. 

Semenax Final Words

In our view? Semenax is an excellent herbal supplement for many males with issues downstairs.

That being said, Semenax cannot resolve every issue with your semen quality/quality or your ejaculation enjoyment. There can be other underlying health reasons that the ingredients included in Semenax cannot fix.

For what Semenax offers – a high-quality herbal supplement with many ingredients beneficial to sexual health – there is no reason to deny yourself a trial. With the excellent money-back guarantee offered, there is no harm in saying yes to Semenax.

Semenax might not resolve your issues, but it might be just the secret you seek. Many users are happy with the results, and you might be as well – why not find out for yourself?  

As ever, speak with a medical professional before you make your final call. Be sure to review all ingredients closely with a medical expert who can determine the risk of any complications, allergies, or conflicts with other medications you take. 

What If Semenax Doesn't Work For Me?

No sweat!

Semenax offers a 67-day money-back guarantee.

This means you have ample time to determine if you are seeing results from Semenax. If you are unhappy with the results you see, you can ask for your money back minus the cost of shipping your supplements back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Semenax is typically aimed at men looking to improve semen production, semen volume, and ejaculation quality. The herbal concoction claims to offer extensive support through increased blood flow and the addition of vitamins that our bodies need to produce the strongest, most potent ejaculations. 

Every individual is different. Some reviews suggest that individuals have seen results in a short few days; others suggest it has taken them as long as three months to see meaningful results. Your lifestyle before taking Semenax, as well as the potential for other health conditions impairing your semen production, will likely determine how long – or if – you see any benefits from taking Semenax.

At the time of writing, no side effects are found when looking at Semenax. However, you should always review the product with a trusted medical advisor before taking Semenax. There could be complications due to your medication and the potential for allergic reactions to some ingredients. 

Most suggestions offer that you take four capsules daily: two with breakfast/lunch and two with dinner. You do this daily until your supplements run out. 

That depends! Some might find that a month's supply is enough to reinvigorate their sexual appetite, performance, and output. Others, though, might need longer. We suggest you begin with a one-month trial and build up from there. 

We do not recommend mixing Semenax with other supplements. Many supplements are herbal, but it might create conflicts due to taking an excess of one ingredient. Or, you might create contrasts that result in limited performance. Our advice is to stick to one supplement at a time. If you decide to mix supplements, speak to your medical advisor to determine their advice.

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